Saturday, March 27, 2010

In the locker room

Drawing created in February 2010 (11.75" X 16.5").
I am often asked to draw more huge policemen. So, here it is!
Which one do you prefer? Rough skinhead or policeman?


  1. The policeman !! Great glutes !!

  2. You are a fantastic artist.
    Thank you for sharing these drawings with us.
    They are really really great.

  3. Your drawings are right on - hard-on, inspiring! Love that you don't neglect the calves - huge calves are a necessity - for a male muscle body to be complete! And this bare-from-the-waist down guy's glutes are so inviting - you just want to ram it IN up there!- as deep as it'll go!
    Broad upper back tapering down to a wasp waist! Biceps/triceps big - so therefore - all good!
    But (I must say) heads (those on shoulders!)are too small (way out of proportion) therefore detracts. And dicks way too big! A dick head should never be lower than a man's knees...
    I mean, yes, I love over-the-top musculature, but all in proportion.
    Thanx for all you've done. Looking forward to more.
    How's your health? How are things in Katowice? (I even know how to pronounce most Polish names! Even tho I'm not Polish!)