Monday, April 5, 2010

Macho military

One of the hot things I like about The Hun's drawings are exaggerated big-nipples… I started this drawing (8.5" x 11") over two years ago but I had no idea how to draw a guy in the middle. Originally there were 3 skinheads, but I found a whole picture pretty boring. Lately I turned a guy in the middle into a Latino military man with exaggerated nipples. And then a drawing became more interesting ;)


  1. You are brilliant! Thanks for all your amazing work Chris. It's provided countless hours of... er... entertainment for me :)

  2. Keep those big nipple pictures coming! How about one with a big nippled skinhead with many (or full bodied) tattoos? HOT!

  3. @Anonymous
    Thanks! :)

    Oh, I'm currently working on drawing with big nippled skinheads :)

  4. Thanks Chris for the big nipples. PLEASE tattoo the guys too (a lot?)? The whole look is so hot. And ALL of your pictures are major fantasy material for me!

  5. Oh, and how about a bigger picture of you too? That back looks hot but I can't quite make it out in such a small photo. Thanks!

  6. @"PLEASE tattoo the guys too (a lot?)?"
    Ok. :)

    @" about a bigger picture of you too?"
    No, I prefer to stay private ;)

  7. Hi Chris WOW YOU'RE DRAWINGS ARE SOOOO HOT, YOU ARE VERY TALENTED i must say. What about a HUGE MUSCLE MONSTER useing a little guys head as a speed bag?

    Jim K

  8. Czecs,
    I love your freakish size guys - the more muscle the better. I'm less in to tattoos, but I realize others are. I also am not into abuse. If a super big guy, like the ones you draw, came into be life there would be no need to force anything, and if he would try, it would be his loss. Respect and appreciation will get him so much more. I like a guy who can show off.

    You have picture of a guy starting a growth product/supplement, something like 300 pound in three months...he plans to use it for a year. I would like to see him at the end of his year, and beyond...

  9. @" I would like to see him at the end of his year, and beyond"

    I'll try, but it's hard to draw a guy much bigger than on that picture ;)

  10. All we can ask for, plead for, is that you try, please...either way, you are one of the very best. Thanks!

    In any case, I'm looking forward to whatever you have to offer.

  11. Amazing work. Thanks for letting us see it. Buff muscles, huge cocks & nips, rivers of cum. Who could ask for anything more. Well, we can. More, please.

    Damian & Trent

  12. Shoot your cum on the bat, dude, cause that's gonna be the only lube you'll get when we ram it up your ass.

  13. Hello from Mexico City!!!
    All my life I liked muscular drawings (Hun, Tom of Finland, Palanca, and recently, japanese artists). You got a gift, you`re talented, keep on with the goodwork, I`m drooling!!!


  14. More pec thickness, please... put some meat to hold those nipples!

  15. Well, for my part, tats are ugly. In most cases. There are always exceptions.
    I like blonds. Like the UMI guy at top/heading. Or other type blonds. I like to see them being fucked. Or made to suck. Or licking ass! Or-?
    Big muscular blonds. Doing it w ea other. Doing it w brunets! Sometimes restrained. Or also freely, gladly, gaily, gayly! Doing it!
    One thing more: I do prefer the heads to be proportional - not to be shrunken pinheads! I know small skulls emphasize their bodies. Still if you saw some of your guys in real life (OH, YES! WOW to that!) wouldn't you be taken aback by their tiny heads? Wouldn't you wonder (among other things) how they can swallow their buds' boners, when the pricks are almost the circumference of the faces - thicker than the necks almost!
    Still, strive! Draw! A million thanx - for what you HAVE done SO FAR!

  16. Chris,
    amazing work, you have a talent with the pen. your work is a good mix of Hun and Tom. A few more black guys would be great. the big nipples on your studs are a super turn on. keep it up

    1. Thanks! I still don't have the inspiration to draw right now... But I hope it will change in the future.