Friday, March 26, 2010

Welcome to my blog!

I'd like to welcome everybody to my blog where I want to show you some of my erotic fantasies transferred to the paper. I think, blog is better than a static website. However, my website will be still available here. I hope all of you will have a good time with my blog and stuff :)


  1. I've seen your drawings around the web, so glad you've got a blog now.

  2. I have admired Chris' drawings from 2001.

    He has always been an exceptional talented
    artist and every one of his drawings is great.

    I have 8 of his drawings framed hanging on my
    playroom wall and everyone who looks at them
    comments on how good they are.

    Great to see you still drawing Chris and I see your work just gets better.

    Perhaps we can talk sometime?
    I have a few ideas you might like to think about for your next series.


  3. Thanks for the kind words!

    "Perhaps we can talk sometime?"

    Of course, we can :)

  4. Fajne sa te male glowki! Zycze Ci dobrych pomyslow!

  5. LOVE your hyper-realist art style...MORE PLEASE...let's see huge black muscle bulls wrestling muscle bound white boys into submission...and then filling them up with quarts of spunk...and milking those white boys dry...AWESOME ART

  6. Really great drawings. Like anon above I'm so glad you have your own blog now. This stuff is uber sexy and so erotic. I love the detail and the imagination. Thanks.